Streams of Change

Discover how the Chester community lived and prospered through changing economic conditions by utilizing natural resources, evolving technologies and ingenuity in this award-winning permanent exhibit on the second floor of the museum.

Over the River

How did our ancestors manage without SUVs, highways, and 70 mph speed limits? Indeed, how did they manage without any cars at all?

Events and Programs

11th Annual Antiques & Jewelry Appraisal

Do you ever watch “Antiques Roadshow” and wish some expert would announce that “treasure” you inherited from your grandmother a rare, valuable piece of history?

Chester Museum at The Mill

9 West Main Street Entrance

Located at an historic 1860s mill site overlooking a waterfall, Chester Museum at The Mill features two floors of award-winning permanent and seasonal changing exhibits.  While the Society has been active since 1970, the building was purchased in 2000 and opened as a museum in 2009.  Located in Chester Center, it also serves as the office for the Society and holds much of its collections and archives.

9 West Main Street Entrance

Discover Chester's History

Chester Center, 1914

The Chester Historical Society promotes an interest in the history of Chester Connecticut as a prototypical New England small town that has survived and thrived by adapting to cultural, economic, and demographic changes since its settlement in the mid 1600s.  

Chester Center, 1914

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