The Society

The Chester Historical Society was founded in 1970 and has been active every since in preserving the history of the Chester. Now in its 50th year, the Historical Society has a rich history and many members.

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Society Officers

Cary Hull, President; Jenny Kitsen, VP; Ed Meehan, VP; Sandy Senior-Dauer, VP; Nancy Watkins, Secretary; Jo Anne Park, Treasurer; Diane Lindsay, Curator; Robert Miceli, Historian; Skip Hubbard, Archivist; Martin Nadel, Robbie Collomore Concert Series Chairman

Board of Trustees

Bob Blair III, Tim Carlson, Marta Daniels, Keith Dauer, Paulette Heft, Mitchell Koslawy, Tom Marshall, Dawn Parker, Mike Sanders, Jacqueline Stack, Bruce Watrous, Ron Woodward


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