Programs & Events

From crackerbarrel programs about “Chester’s Characters”  and “Behind the Scenes of 'It Happened to Jane'” to lectures on Connecticut River steamboats and locally made tools, the Chester Historical Society presents several free public programs each year, such as the Vintage Base Ball Game we play every September with Deep River and Essex teams by 1857 rules. (More info with pictures here.)

We began 2018 with a program on the history of the Valley Railroad with local railroad historian Max Miller. On Tuesday, June 19, we are cosponsoring a program with the Deep River Historical Society, titled, "PT boats and the Connecticut Connection." (More info here.) We will be hosting more programs this year, so stay tuned.

In 2017, we hosted a program about the Silliman family and their company.  Read about it here. We also presented a program by longtime Chester resident Nathan Jacobson about the Waterhouse Grist Mill (read about it here) and a program by Dr. Gary Ford about his new book about Constance Baker Motley (go here for details).

The Society also hosts fundraising events to provide for special projects and supplement its annual operating budget.  These have included the Antiques & Jewelry Appraisal and the Creative Challenge.

We are the parent organization of the Robbie Collomore Concert Series, which was founded in 1975. Four concerts are held in the Chester Meeting House in the fall.

We also offer group and school programs.