Ephemera Discoveries: In Chester’s Collection (and maybe your attic?)

 What’s “Ephemera”?

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If you haven't a clue what "ephemera" is, you're not alone! The word covers printed or written items intended for a short-term use. These items include posters, programs, tickets, business cards, invitations, trade cards, postcards, greeting cards, etc.

Al Malpa's Powerpoint program and talk will focus on the ephemera that the Historical Society has collected since its 1970 founding - items that have helped the Society produce exhibits, write books, and gain more knowledge of the people and places in Chester’s past. These items include letters, Chester Fair programs, play tickets, business cards, trade cards from shops of the 1900s, company catalogs, and so much more. You'll also discover whether the ephemera you have stored in your attic is historically important. There will be time for questions and answers.

Al Malpa is a resident of Chester and a member of the Chester Historical Society. He has been collecting ephemera since his teens, and has been a dealer for many decades. He is a past chairman of the Ephemera Society of America and the author of the book on “Rewards of Merit” published by the Ephemera Society.

Questions? Call Cary Hull at 860-558-4701.